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@uspto Why is TSDR currently unavailable for retrieving documents and is there an ETA to resolve the issue?

#INTA16 lesson: The ease of filing and obtaining registration increases the importance of counseling in adoption and contentious matters

We are pleased to welcome our new #patent partners Adda Gogoris and Michael Davitz: goo.gl/JBsfbu #pharma #biotech

Likelihood of confusion? Rosen Plaza Hotel v. Rosen Center Hotel #INTA16

Looking around, one cannot help but notice that trademark people are by in large exceptionally polished and polite. #INTA16

Leason Ellis - Intellectual Property Attorneys - Inspired by Insight

All-stars from top patent, trademark and copyright practices in Manhattan have come together in White Plains, New York to form the leading IP law firm in Westchester County.

Our Leason Ellis monster is custom designed by The Daily Monster’s Stefan G. Bucher.

He is fearless and funny; white-collared with a loosened tie; he’s got your back…
just like we do.

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