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As more women in Japan fight to use their own surnames, one states “my name is my brand” with trust and reputatigoo.gl/YnuPYoEDro

The real money is in fake ball bearings, not Rolexes bloom.bg/2dTz6I0 via @business

RT @danharris: How to do business in China AND sleep at night. bitly.com/2eSt4Kx https://t.co/xMKzJ68Vfb

#Paper takes a hit @uspto as the cost of non-electronic trademark filings set to rise: goo.gl/qkxvoZ

Apple sues Amazon supplier over fake iPhone chargers computerworld.com/article/313362… via @Computerworld

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All-stars from top patent, trademark and copyright practices in Manhattan have come together in White Plains, New York to form the leading IP law firm in Westchester County.

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