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Can You Draw the Starbucks Logo Without Cheating? Probably Not. nyti.ms/2hujW0P #branding

Harvard Law School Executive Education Session at #INTALM https://t.co/uwB4oRYBu8

Where to Draw Line on Free Speech? Wedding Cake Case Vexes Lawyers via @nytimes - So is the test copyrightability? nytimes.com/2017/11/06/us/…

Good post by @WTRmagazine blog on latest efforts by @uspto to fight trademark scams: goo.gl/P3USuj

Leason Ellis Welcomes Two New Patent Partners and a Trademark & Copyright Counsel: mailchi.mp/leasonellis/le…

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Leason Ellis - Intellectual Property Attorneys - Inspired by Insight

All-stars from top patent, trademark and copyright practices in Manhattan have come together in White Plains, New York to form the leading IP law firm in Westchester County.

Our Leason Ellis monster is custom designed by The Daily Monster’s Stefan G. Bucher.

He is fearless and funny; white-collared with a loosened tie; he’s got your back…
just like we do.

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