Extranet Help

Extranet Instructions / Access Requirements

Please review the following notes carefully.

Our secure Extranet is a web-based application that presents search query screens and results through a simple navigation interface. Using our Extranet portal, authorized client users can access and review their portfolios and obtain reports on-demand, 24/7.  Optionally, authorized client users can order customized reports if the need exists.

Once you are issued a username and password, you will have read-only access to certain records associated with your client number(s) at Leason Ellis LLP.  Users do not have the ability to implement a password change on their own.  If you require a password change, please contact the attorney with whom you regularly work, bearing in mind that the password is case-sensitive and must include a mixture of numbers, characters, and symbols.

1. Internet Explorer 10/11, Chrome and FireFox can be used successfully with our Extranet.

2. Short Cut: The following short cut is useful for navigation within the Extranet:

‘Ctrl’ key plus the letter T:  lists the open windows you can select and navigate to.

3. If you close your Extranet session, it will close ALL browser windows. If you have the “Tabs” feature enabled, which is common with most modern browsers, your parallel sessions will be protected. Until you are familiar with the Extranet, we suggest that you conclude other browser-based sessions that you may be conducting.

4. “Pop-up blocker” must be turned-off or the link to our Extranet added to the allowed sites. The program we use opens several windows including a search window, results windows, selection window showing the windows that are open, etc. These windows may be placed in front of one another obscuring the fact that there are multiple windows, but it is easy to use and quick to get used to.


The steps to allow pop-ups vary depending on your browser.  Your browser will have a menu that allows you to establish settings for allowing or blocking pop-ups, and for generally blocking pop-ups except from sites on an exceptions list. We recommend blocking pop-ups generally and adding this link to the exceptions list: https://extranet.leasonellis.com. Here is a roadmap to managing popups on popular browsers, though the approach is similar for all browsers:


Menu icon in upper-right corner; Settings/Privacy/Content settings…allows you to manage pop-ups and exceptions.


Menu icon in upper-right corner; Options/Content …allows you to manage pop-ups and exceptions.

Internet Explorer:

Gear icon in upper-right corner reveals Internet Options/Privacy tab…where you can manage pop-ups and exceptions.

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5. In the event that the Extranet is not working on your browser, you might try a different browser or inspect your browser’s settings and disable either of these add-ins: Google Toolbar and Yahoo Toolbar, assuming they are installed and enabled in your browser. These toolbars, and a few others, have been associated with compatibility problems in the past. Disable them, close the browser, and then open the browser and try once more.